Our highly-trained, professional and reliable repair techs can repair all makes and models of residential garage doors. Whether your garage door springs need to be replaced, your opener needs to be repaired, or you are looking for a new garage door for your home, you can count on El Paso Door Company to provide the maintenance you need, when you need it.

With many models and designs to consider, choosing a new residential garage door may not be an easy task. Garage doors for your home are available as a swing-up or a sectional rollup. Despite the additional costs, sectional doors are the #1 choice for consumers.

Overhead doors come in many different materials; wood, steel or metal composite, aluminum and fiberglass. Although wooden doors have a lot of appeal, they are not as durable as some other materials and require periodic painting. Today’s composite doors have the look and feel of real wood, minus the maintenance headaches. Aluminum doors have the advantage of being lightweight and inexpensive. Steel doors come in various gauges of steel and insulation and can be installed with a baked-on primer for maximum rust protection. Fiberglass doors are not great choices for colder climates as they offer little in the way of insulation and can easily dent.


Garage door openers typically have one of four primary drive functions:

• Belt drive
• Chain drive
• Screw drive
• A jackshaft that mounts on the wall

Considerations when choosing a garage door opener include horsepower, door speed, door heights, maximum lifting force, available warranties and quiet operation.

Your home’s garage door, garage door opener and remote controllers need to work dependably and you have a right to expect it to stand up to the elements for many years.

The professionals at El Paso Door will give you sound advice on which type of garage door, garage door opener and remote controls are best suited for your home, family and situations. Please call or contact to set up an appointment for a free estimate.